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Being A Musically Gifted Lecturer

photo: euregiomusicexchange Eric, we know you as the lecturer from the audio production courses. But, besides being a lecturer you also play the Bass Guitar. Where did you start playing this music instrument? I’ve always had a musical family. When I was young my dad had two guitars which my brothers played.

So, what was it again?

Photo: tonedeaf Festivals have been a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a place for likeminded people to enjoy good music and meet new people. These places are also the perfect place for groups of people to experience with new things, such as drugs. The hippies in the 70’s were known for their use of

Exploring the Con Online Report

Is it Spiderman? Is it Iron Man? Is it Deadpool? Oh, wait. It’s all of them! On 26th and 27th March 2016 you couldn’t have missed the many colorful characters from films, tv and games strolling down the streets of Utrecht. Had the world suddenly plunged into a different dimension where

The Facts of Life

Photo: Forbes Sometimes it’s important that we keep both feet on the ground and hear the real stories from real people in the real world. We collected a few eye-opening and mind-blowing documentaries that will definitely make you think!   Making a Murderer (2015) Making a Murderer is a Netflix original documentary TV show.

10 April Fool’s Day Pranks To Get You Inspired

Today is April Fools’ day! Have you already been pranked, or maybe done some pranking yourself? Here are 10 April Fools’ Day pranks to get you inspired: Freeze your relatives’ or roommates’ morning cereal. Put a bowl of cereal and milk in the freezer overnight, then watch when they clank their

10 tips to get your house Spring-Clean ready

In a few days it will officially be Spring again, meaning it is time to get your house Spring-Clean ready. Here are 10 tips to help you to get started: A must to remember before you start cleaning is that cleaning should always be done from top to bottom. This way

mADE Radio – The shows

A few weeks ago we gave you a short introduction of mADE Radio. In this article we’ll provide you with some further insights in the different shows. From the morning show Toast with Herriaan, Roos and Marloes, the lunch show RATM with Freek, Jesper and Ian, the afternoon highlight of