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The Southern Carnival Experience

Carnival has a different value to everyone in the Netherlands. Even though it originally is a catholic national feast, everyone has their own reasons to celebrate it. Could be fasting and dressing up, could be drinking and partying. Every city is another amazing experience. If you’re not familiar with Dutch


BREWERS! Our newest issue is out now! And you don't even need to make sure to get a copy, because you can just read it RIGHT NOW on your phone! Have funnnn: (click on the cover below)

24 Days Of Christmas – Top 10 Christmas Movies

Christmas (as well as any other time of the year, really) is the perfect excuse to watch over all of the Christmas movies that you saw hundreds of times, but still enjoy year after year. So make a hot beverage, curl up cozily in your most comfortable clothes and enjoy

24 Days Of Christmas – Christmas Box

Hey there Brewers, here is the video of the Christmas Box event from last Tuesday. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and most of all, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Have a good one, The BREWED Team!

Short Story Part 2

Photo: prepscholar   FAMILY FOUND DEAD is written in big letters on the front page. Mike and Jean Adams have been found dead in their home yesterday night. “Signs show that the couple must have been dead for at least a month.” One of the finders report. After searching the house, the

Being A Musically Gifted Lecturer

photo: euregiomusicexchange Eric, we know you as the lecturer from the audio production courses. But, besides being a lecturer you also play the Bass Guitar. Where did you start playing this music instrument? I’ve always had a musical family. When I was young my dad had two guitars which my brothers played.

So, what was it again?

Photo: tonedeaf Festivals have been a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a place for likeminded people to enjoy good music and meet new people. These places are also the perfect place for groups of people to experience with new things, such as drugs. The hippies in the 70’s were known for their use of

Exploring the Con Online Report

Is it Spiderman? Is it Iron Man? Is it Deadpool? Oh, wait. It’s all of them! On 26th and 27th March 2016 you couldn’t have missed the many colorful characters from films, tv and games strolling down the streets of Utrecht. Had the world suddenly plunged into a different dimension where