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Healthy Habits

After New Year’s Eve we all make promises to ourselves to stop smoking, start working out, eat healthier, et cetera. But did someone really succeed in doing this the whole year? We made a list for you with 10 healthy habits you can try this year, and who knows... maybe

Quiz Time!

Sooo, there we are again! We, Brewers, are glad you’ve survived carnival. We are even more glad you are willing to participate in this exciting quiz; full of useful and less useful questions which will test the characteristics that make you… you! All answers will be rewarded by either 10,

Love is in the Air

  The two most happy and colorful seasons are coming up which provide us with lovely spring vibes and wonderful summer midnight dreams and bring much fun such as: vacations, barbeques, hanging around the pool and the beach, eating ice cream and maybe the best part the hot season brings, the

Women are stress handlers!

hands in the hair

Women are better stress handlers! Stress… The word itself raises hysteria on own. Lost keys, a to-do list till the sky, waiting for that phone call: we have all been there. Good news on the horizon for women though, because women tend to handle stress a lot better than the other