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Healthy Habits

After New Year’s Eve we all make promises to ourselves to stop smoking, start working out, eat healthier, et cetera. But did someone really succeed in doing this the whole year? We made a list for you with 10 healthy habits you can try this year, and who knows... maybe

Quiz Time!

Sooo, there we are again! We, Brewers, are glad you’ve survived carnival. We are even more glad you are willing to participate in this exciting quiz; full of useful and less useful questions which will test the characteristics that make you… you! All answers will be rewarded by either 10,

HORRORscope week

It is finally time for our HORRORscope! With Halloween around the corner, here are the HORRORscopes of all the zodiac signs...   Aries (Mar 21st – Apr 19th): You are a total candy monster who will do anything to fix the sugar craving in his/her body. We know that you will wear the wildest

Guilty Pleasures

Hey Brewers! Admit it, you like to dance in your underwear when nobody’s home, or you secretly watch every episode of The Bachelor. Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Here are a few of the other NHTV’ers: “Sometimes I eat frikandellen (Dutch snack) while playing battlefield.” Martin (M), 23 “Every now and then I like

(Not So) Useful Facts

Already tired of studying for today? Need some distraction? We are giving you a few (not so) useful and random facts, which you can use to impress the opposite gender with or be that cool cousin who knows stuff at family parties. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was nominated

The Weirdest Sex Toys

Sex toys; the guilty pleasure you have always found a little awkward to open up about. Since sex toys have developed, the range of varieties, shapes and sizes have become much more diverse. Do you really know what sex shops have in store for you? We can assure you now

Pimp my Bike event!

  We had a great time at the Brewed Pimp my Bike event. If you want to stay posted for our next events please like our Facebook page!