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Healthy Habits

After New Year’s Eve we all make promises to ourselves to stop smoking, start working out, eat healthier, et cetera. But did someone really succeed in doing this the whole year? We made a list for you with 10 healthy habits you can try this year, and who knows... maybe

CIY – Cook it yourself

As a student, it sometimes might be hard to keep the variance in your meals. It’s easy to get into a weekly cycle of dishes, monday pasta, tuesday pizza, and so on. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it might be a good and fun idea to ‘switch


  You always stand  fumble fro hours  with a bottle of wine before you know how to get the cork out? Then you can always go for a bottle with screw cap, or you impress your visit to go on the cork. MacGyver for example, uses a bicycle or clothes hanger