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The King will visit Tilburg this year!

Are you interested to see the royal family in real-life instead of on television? This is your chance! Tilburg is near to Breda. It’s just a 15-minute ride with the train! The royal family will arrive at the central station of Tilburg, then they will visit the following places: ‘Spoorzone’,


This year our King, Willem Alexander, celebrates his 50th birthday at the 27th of April. In the Netherlands, this is always a day of celebration in every city. So, what kind of things are typical for Kingsday in our country? What we all notice, is that most of the people are

The Southern Carnival Experience

Carnival has a different value to everyone in the Netherlands. Even though it originally is a catholic national feast, everyone has their own reasons to celebrate it. Could be fasting and dressing up, could be drinking and partying. Every city is another amazing experience. If you’re not familiar with Dutch

Exploring the Con Online Report

Is it Spiderman? Is it Iron Man? Is it Deadpool? Oh, wait. It’s all of them! On 26th and 27th March 2016 you couldn’t have missed the many colorful characters from films, tv and games strolling down the streets of Utrecht. Had the world suddenly plunged into a different dimension where