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Introducing the world’s greatest online magazines

    As you might know, BREWED Magazine will also be available online! We are not the only online magazine out there, and to prepare you we selected a few online magazines to keep an eye on!   Online magazines are gaining ground in the print world, and we wanted to include you in


  In my opinion a good movie is a movie where you’ll say this line ten minutes into watching it. These movies are mindfuck movies, or well let’s call them psychological thrillers which is more of a proper way of putting it.  I decided to write about this subject because recently


Have you ever seen the music video ‘Friday’ of Rebecca Black? Or the one with the little boy that rubs a banana down his face because he’s so happy with it? Or the First kiss video? They are all so well-known because they have gone viral. The power of internet

Fashion + Technology: The Newest Trends

  We all know that technology has taken many leaps forward in the past few years without us even realizing it. When did the tablet become such a phenomenon, and when did we get accustomed to mobile social media? However, many of the new technological trends are now transferring their way

The Selfie Era

It is hight time we  discuss this crazy obsession with selfies. Everyone knows what I'm talking about: taking a picture of yourself. We all know that the internet and social media is an outlet to let everyone know how you are doing with our life, but is it really necessary