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A deep dip into YouTube

Having a party tonight, but you are unsure of how to mix a mai-tai? Don’t you worry, just YouTube a step-by-step tutorial. Are you rather curious about a review for an upcoming movie or game? Why not subscribe to Chris Stuckman, Jeremy Jahns or any of the other online reviewers

Movie Reviews “Demain Tout Commence”, “Law Abiding Citizen” & “Le Magasin des Suicides”

Demain Tout Commence (2017) As the French title already suggests, ‘tomorrow everything begins’ is compelling a dramatic event. A certain unforeseen happening that is, for protagonist Samuel, who expresses devotion towards his easy-going job as a captain of a boat in Marseille. He enjoys life while having late-night parties and sleeping

Within 48 Hours

Back in 2001, film producer Mark Ruppert came up with a crazy spontaneous idea. “let’s make a short movie within 48 hours” he said. Without knowing if it was even possible he assembled his team and started working on the film for a whole weekend. The results were surprisingly great

A Long Tradition of Oscar Nominees and Winners

With the 2014 Oscar Nominations coming up soon – to be revealed January 16th – it seemed appropriate to provide a brief history of the most astounding and most impressive nominations and wins of the Oscars since the first Academy Awards was held on May 11th, 1927. With so many