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City of Lights Illuminated

In 1891, Gerard and Frederik Philips started with the fundamentals of light innovation in the city centre of Eindhoven. 124 Years later, their company is still honored by a festival named Glow in the lively streets of Eindhoven. This year, artists from all around the world showed their work from

Carnival as seen by an Asian

As I am from South Korea, I'd never been to this thing called 'carnival' in Europe before. Lots of people have asked me ‘Have you ever heard of carnival?’, ‘What are you going to do for carnival break?’. I had no idea what to expect, yet was curious to find out

Weirdest Things Sold on Ebay

Looking for some quick cash? One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. In that line of thinking, it might be a good idea to get rid of your useless possessions by selling them on Ebay. Don’t think you have anything worth for sale? Think again. You would be surprised what has been sold

The Weirdest Sex Toys

Sex toys; the guilty pleasure you have always found a little awkward to open up about. Since sex toys have developed, the range of varieties, shapes and sizes have become much more diverse. Do you really know what sex shops have in store for you? We can assure you now


BREWED has put together a list of the top 10 best gifts to buy this Christmas. So keep reading and you might possibly find the perfect last minute gifts for your loved ones! Smartphone Movie Projector First on the list, we have the smartphone projector, perfect for a mock up cosy (home)

Cheap Winter Vacations

In need of a little getaway? A break from reality? A little vacation perhaps? However, can’t afford to spend all your student finance? Then I’ve got some goods news for you! I found a couple of very budget-friendly winter holidays. Who wouldn’t like to spend a weekend in a capital city