BREWED is a magazine that is made by and for students of the NHTV mADE. mADE stands for my Academy for Digital Entertainment and what would a digital academy magazine be without our own website?

As an NHTV student, you’ve probably seen a BREWED issue before, but if you are not familiar with our issues you can check them out because we have them all online at ‘Issues’! Creating a BREWED issue is hard work, but also a lot of fun. antibiotica-kopen.com Within the Print Production House, our weekly project days at the NHTV, we work with three different departments: content, design, and marketing. The content team writes all the articles, while design is all about the look and feel of the magazine. This website would not be here without the marketing department, they take care of the promotion, digital part and sponsors of our magazine. This makes BREWED a diverse and fun workplace to be at during weeks of lessons and long days.

Try the random post button, read our articles, or take a look at our agenda for cool upcoming events!


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