Young Entrepreneurs

Flesh x bones

Name: Julia Peek

Age: 20

Business: Anti-body shaming t-shirts

Flesh and bones is a clothing brand that everyone can feel comfortable in, since they are ‘anti-body shaming’ shirts. They carry out a strong message. I came with the concept after a moment two years ago, in which I felt uncomfortable about my body in a picture and started thinking about why I have to feel so insecure. The reason why I chose for t-shirts is because they are tangible and if even one person would wear a shirt of mine, they already help sharing my message.


During my exchange in Finland I got an opportunity to follow entrepreneur classes, so I did. After that I started researching which company can print my shirts. I prefer quality over quantity, so choosing the right printing company was a serious job, which took me a lot of time. The next step was to register myself at Kamer van koophandel, which also served as a threat that made it more serious. Since I lived in Finland, my mom contacted the printing company and my sister made my social media templates. For me, it was super helpful to ask feedback from my friends and family, even though I am the one who makes all decisions in the end and runs the business, it is still comforting to talk about it with others.


I was actually surprised how easy it is to start your own business, besides of estimating my amount of sales, it all went perfectly. My business will officially launch on the first of June and I am hoping the best for it, but I have no expectations for now and I will just see how it goes, since spreading the message is more important for me than making money. Finally opening that box with your samples is such an amazing feeling


I would like to advise other students to take your time and start with a clear concept first, if you’re not sure now you’ll do it in a year, take your time.


New standard

Name: Renée Sanders

Age: 21

Business: Make-up brand

New Standard is a make-up brand I started in March 2018. For now it’s only lipsticks, highlighters and make-up brushes. In order to sell these products, I have my own website and I use Instagram for the marketing. I don’t have a big collection yet, because I started out with a small budget, but I believe my collection will grow bigger and bigger in the future when I start to make more sales!


I have always enjoyed working with make-up, but I was a bit unsure what to do with it. In the beginning I thought of having a web shop with other brand’s products, but this makes you very dependent on others. Running the business is completely in my hands, I decide the colours of the products, what I want them to look like, manage the website and prepare packages before I send them out, which I absolutely love. Marketing via Instagram helped me a lot to broaden my reach, I use it to present my products to my audience and collaborate with other Instagram users.


For the website and photos, I get help from my boyfriend, Felix and whenever I am too busy, my mom helps me preparing the packages.


As soon as you start your own website and sell products from there, you should register at Kamer van Koophandel, which I did as well as I started immediately with a website. But when you start with a smaller business you could easily first start with your business and later on add a website, to slowly build it up. A pitfall of having your own business are the taxes you have to pass along every quarter. Also, I find estimating the collection I should purchase quite hard, since you don’t know how much you will sell.


I would like to advise potential young entrepreneurs to make sure what you’re about to start really is a passion of yours. If profit is your motivation, you will not be successful. Having your own business takes a lot of time and energy, so it is most important that you love what you’re working on!





Name: Felix Kruip

Age: 21

Business: Media Production Service

TRYVISUAL is a visual digital agency mostly focussed on video. Examples of companies I worked with are; Rabobank, Gig, or NS, for whom I create visual content. You can see it as visualizing their stories in a creative way.


Depending on the budget and the size of the project, I mostly work on my own, since I feel super passionate about every aspect in the production process and simply enjoy doing all the work. But if the project is too big, it happens that I hire people who take over tasks for me. I have had a couple of (totally unrelated to media) part time jobs, but the only thing I had in mind was starting my own business and creating my own content. I think entrepreneurship is romanticized by a lot of people, in the sense that everyone is talking about making money, but the truth is that it also comes with a lot of risks, since you have to invest quite some money before you can actually start making profit. It sometimes happens that there is a period that I have no clients and I solve this by just going out and shoot stuff (with my camera), because I am so curious to learn and improve myself. When I was younger, my dad advised me not to start my own business, because it comes with so many risks. This was actually a reason for me to prove him wrong.


I would like to advise students to not hesitate or come with excuses. If you’re seriously thinking about starting your own business for more than three times, you should just go for it and see where it goes. You will regret it if you don’t and I believe that everyone with a passion can do it!

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