Conspiracy Theories

Nothing can compete with a good conspiracy theory to make your head go crazy. Stories that you would never think of yourself, but that many creative people would come up with anyway. Are the theories total nonsense or should we accept them as true? We will never know. What we do know is that they are very fun to read! Especially when it comes to your daily appointment in your younger years: SpongeBob Squarepants. A cartoon about which not 1 or 2 but a lot of conspiracy theories have arisen.


What is meant as a cartoon can also very quickly be described as a drama series about drug addictions, nuclear destructions and much more. Very gloomy, strange but also hilarious fan-theories about the show.


To start with, we have a theory about the secret that makes up the whole cartoon. What exactly is the special ingredient of the Krabby Patty sandwiches? This has been a mystery for many years now and there is still no answer to it. Yet there are some fans who seem to know it. In a theory, they claim that the secret ingredient of the Krabby Patty sandwiches consists of KRAB! In this theory, Mr. Krabs is a cannibal who kills all his family and friends to put them in his sandwiches. That is why he is the only crab that is walking around in Bikini Bottom. Contrary to this theory, others theoires claims that the secret behind the sandwiches is a vegan substitute for crab. That is why all sea creatures want this Krabby Patty sandwiche because it does not make them feel guilty about eating their fellow underwater inhabitants. As a result, they prefer the sandwiches of Mr. Crab instead of the sandwiches from the ‘Chum Bucket’.


But theories about Spongebob Squarpants do not only exist about the Krabby Patty sandwiches. There are also theories that say that the whole cartoon is about global warming. In this theory, Spongebob is a kitchen sponge that represents human waste and pollution. We also have Mr. Krabs who, with his restaurant ‘the Krusty Krab’, represent an employer of large polluting company. Next we have Patrick, he stands for the Western civilization. This means lazy and one of the main causes of the world’s pollution state. Finally, we have Squidward, the liberalism that wants to provide action against climate change. His frustrations are due to the fact that nobody takes him seriously.


The craziest theory about Spongebob is that the main characters are addicted to each another drug. Spongebob would take shrooms. We can deduce this because he has hyperactive imaginations and can also change his mood in no time. One moment he is very joyful while he can also be very panicky and at other moments very sad. Patrick is described as a lazy starfish with a preference for weed. This would be apparent from his carefree attitude, his regular binge eating and his slow speech. Squidward would be on the heroin. This could be deduced from his moods and his poor work performance. Last but not least we have Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff who, because of their bad temper and their paranoid behaviour, would be on cocaine.


A few theories that we, as a child, could not think of. In any case, it has changed our view of the series considerably.

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