Side Effects of Unknown Frequency – A Short Film

Everyone encounters a great love during their life. The warm feeling deep down in your chest, the feeling you keep hidden from anyone but your lover, so strong, so unique, so insane that it hurts.
For Isaac that is Luna. His first real love – boundless and wild. He saw her every step he made, she was everywhere and everything. Losing her would be the end of his world. But what happens when you love someone so much that you forget about yourself and what is good for you? What happens when you start living in an illusion? What happens when you blame yourself for the most unpredictable events in life? What happens when you live in the past? What happens when your life is dictated by one side effect? The new short movie “Side Effects of Unknown Frequency” tells a story about love, its loss and the pain which has to be cured. It shares an important message – that life is always a battle and no matter how many obstacles cross our path we have to stand up, fight and continue living.

You are welcome to see the premiere of “Side effects of Unknown Frequency”, a movie by the first-year IMEM students – Roi Tal, Lyudmila Todorova, Joost Liam Rundholz, Joost Scheffers and Sam Prinsen – on the BUAS Film Festival on 24th of June 2019.

Check out their Instagram @side_effects_shortmovie

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