Spotted on Campus

A very hot topic with the youngsters among us: ‘Spotted on campus’. A campus that has been overwhelmed by creative and beautiful students for many years already. Have you missed your chance to ask for his/her name? Take your chance now at ‘Spotted on BUAS’, where we place an ad of the person whose name you definitely want to know!

“I saw him at the S building today. He is a tall man with grey hair. I heard a lot about him, but never knew who this person was. It turns out that he sometimes makes jokes about the fact that one of his eyes is not completely straight. However, I did not notice this immediately!  He is always well-groomed and wears beautiful clothes. He usually wears his patterned shirt inside his jeans. In the corridors, I heard that he is the king of content and can teach me all about it! He also has a big passion for films and the whole production behind it. The ideal person to be an IMEM-teacher. He seems to be a really kind man and I wanted to ask tips and tricks when writing articles for school”

“With your brown curly hair, I knew it immediately: when I saw you, I was completely in the clouds! On Thursday, you were at the main entrance at exactly nine o’clock, and our eye contact lasted a little too long. I heard that this person already has a lot of wisdom and that he is the teacher of ‘design and production’. You also may know him from his classes ‘… Ramblings’ where he comes in unprepared and talks with his students about random subjects. Something that seems supercool to me! He loves to do lindyhop and apparently even named his child after a famous lindyhop dancer! Furthermore, he has a great music talent. A sparkle drum controller or a HandPan drum, nothing is too much for him to handle. As you can see, I already know a few things about him. Unfortunately, not his name to contact him… Can you help me with this? I would love to get design tutoring from him. “

Here, we talked about two successful people who can teach us a lot of wisdom at BUAS. Individuals who are known by teachers, current students, and former students of BUAS. Do you know who these two people are? Let us know in the comments below.

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