From Internship to Battleship 2.0 *Fill in Story*

Find the first part of the fill in story in the upcoming Brewed Issue: Getting Personal. Coming out September 2019


With pride you hand over the ___ (obnoxious Starbucks drink) to your supervisor. She grabs it out of your hands and takes a sip. ‘___ (curse word)!!!’ She screams as the spits out the drink. ‘Why did you put ___ (nasty condiment) in my drink?!’ she says. I immediately feel my face turning as red as a ___ (red object), while behind me I hear someone laughing. You turn around as you see that ___ (arch-rival) is standing there, holding a bottle of ___ (nasty condiment). Again, this cannot be true! You have to come up with a way to impress your supervisor. As you go through the pile of work she gave you, you come across an interview that you have to deliver. As you dial the phone number that is on the paper, you hear the voice of ___ (celebrity crush) on the other side of the line: “Hello, how are you? Are you calling from ___ (dream company)?” The only thing that comes out of your mouth is a silly yes. ___ (celebrity crush) continues talking and says that the interview has to be rescheduled since he is busy with the production of ___ (worst movie ever). Though, after the production he/she will be leaving to ___ (ultimate vacation destination) to practice ___ (silliest sport). You are shocked, this is kind of a turnoff. ___ (celebrity crush) insists you to join on his ___ (means of transportation). You only have to think one second about this: ___ (yes/no)!

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