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Have you ever dreamed of travelling the world? No matter if you do an internship, work-and-travel, exchange or vacation– a travel diary can be your best buddy during that time. It is a little book, you create yourself, that can help you with coping homesickness, remember visually what you experienced and reflect your own personal progress and achievements, you can be proud of.

An empty notebook and a pen – that is all it takes! The notebook gives you the space to write down what YOU want, about your trip. For those who like it more specific:


– A5 notebook, dotted or lined (for drawings with water-based brush pens thicker paper needed)

– a black/blue ball-pen

– a black fine-liner/0.3 mm Drawing pen (waterproof for use together with brush pens)

– colorful pens (e.g. brush pens, felt-tips, …) if you like to draw

– tape (transparent/colored to attach pictures)

– glue-stick for pictures


The main reason to write a travel journal is to write about yourself – for yourself. So, whatever you feel should be in there, can be in there! There are no limitations and no restrictions. Just test what works best for you. Play around with different styles of page-layouts, fonts, content and soon you will know what you like to look back to. Don’t be too hard on yourself if something does not turn out the way you wanted it – a travel diary is meant to be fun and not to be perfect! So be proud of your beautiful mistakes!

Still not sure what to put in it? Here are some ideas.

  1. Take half a side of a page and write down your expectations or goals of e.g. how you imagine the first impression of the other country or how you want to improve your social skills. Then, when you have experienced these situations, come back to that page and write down what it really turned out to be like. This comparison is easy to make and amazing to show you the progress you’ve made throughout the journey. It is always nice to look back and realize what you have achieved until now!
  2. Travelling might not always be easy and that is where a motivation page can help. You can fill it with letters from people you love, pictures you like, quotes of books, films, celebrities – anything that keeps you motivated or inspiried and just makes you feel better, in times of doubt or homesickness.
  3. Pictures are a nice way of remembering faces, places or situations. Be old-school and print out your pictures to put them into your travel diary! Put them in between your text or attach them to the side of the pages. You can also make pages with only pictures and combine them with short quotes, addresses, bills or interesting stuff you brought from the places the pictures show. This makes your journey comprehensible and lets you bottle up the actual feeling you had in those situations.
  4. When writing you can also use certain themes in styling per month. You can draw them or use stickers, pictures or newspaper cut-outs. It can for example be a space-theme, cacti-theme or fantasy-book inspired. It is all up to you! This makes it not only more visual, but also easier to know which month you are looking at, when opening the travel journal randomly.


We hope you gathered a lot of inspiration to create your own travel diary. You can collect memories that last forever, have fun in seeing your own progress and exploring our beautiful earth in the mysterious journey, called life.

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