Beauty across the world

Beauty across the world


The definition of beauty and being beautiful is different everywhere around the world. What is seen as a flaw in one culture can be seen as beautiful in another one. But then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Here are some of the beauty standards around the world.


Ethiopia: Body Scars

In the African country Ethiopia it is a ritual that young girls get cut with knifes and razor blades to create cuts. These cuts create prominent scars that are considered to be beautiful in Ethiopian tribal societies. By doing this kind of ritual, a girl can show that she is willing to tolerate pain and it is seen as an indication of her emotional maturity and willingness to bear children. Currently, the children are not allowed anymore to get the scars, but the men of the tribe say they find the women not as pretty without the scars.


China, Thailand, Japan, South-Korea: Pale Skin

In these countries, it is common to make the skin lighter that it actually is. Especially in Japan, the Geisha’s paint their face with white face paint. Overall in Japan, China, Thailand, South-Korea and Japan they have skincare products than make the skin look paler. Then you also have products that white wash the skin, in comparison to the Western culture where people use fake tans and sunbathe to appear more tan. Funny how that differs.


Burma and Thailand: Long Necks

In these countries, long necks are considered as something beautiful. Females in the Kayan tribe start with wearing heavy brass rings around their necks starting at the age of just 5 years old. Every year more of those rings are added, which result into pushing down their shoulders. This gives the illusion of a longer neck. The rings that the women wear on their necks can weigh up to 22 pounds. Well, you know what they say; “beauty is pain”.








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