Who said Fireworks?


By Magdalena Nasteva

Usually people associate New Year’s Eve with the new beginning and last year’s resolutions. But what is New Year’s Eve without the glow and the glam that it personifies? No matter if we talk about the style, places or people, New Year’s Eve is a big of a deal when it comes to fireworks. Let’s look at some of the best places to spend this magical day as well as see New Year’s top fireworks displays.


The tradition is to watch Áramótaskaup – or the annual New Year’s Eve Ridicule (a comedy show broadcast by the national television channel, satirizing the major news stories and events of the year) and as soon it is over, approximately 200,000 people set thousands of fireworks. Since Reykjavik is one of the most beautiful places on Earth because of the Northern lights, it is considered as one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve.


The fireworks performance takes place on the London Bridge, London Eye and Big Ben as they are considered as the cultural symbols of London and its nation. The fireworks show is known as one of the most famous firework displays on earth and it is worth seeing it.


On New Year’s Eve in the Dutch capital it is easy to find many street parties in open public spaces like Museumplein, Rembrandtplein, Dam Square and Nieuwmarkt. The best places from where you can view fireworks displays are the city’s bridges.


At this time of the year, Paris is considered as “The City of Light”. The Eiffel Tower becomes the site of spectacular fireworks displays and light shows. Meanwhile on Champs-Élysées is the best place where people can watch the spectacular show while popping bottles and exchanging kisses. Montmartre is another less crowded alternative for watching the fireworks.


Sydney is the first city where the clock strikes midnight and also the city which puts on the largest fireworks display in the world. The best places where you can watch the spectacular show are the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House. The fireworks shows always include an air and water show featuring aerial acrobatics, an Aboriginal smoking ceremony that is said to cleanse bad spirits and the Harbor Light Parade featuring 50 illuminated boats in the harbor.

New York

There is no doubt that the atmosphere in New York during New Year’s Eve outstands in comparison to the other cities. The annual gathering on Times Square may brings you an unforgettable experience. The best place, which offers the best view of the midnight fireworks display is definitely on Liberty Island.

Rio de Janeiro

This amazing city is best known for its carnival festivals but the New Year’s Eve celebrations it is definitely worth antibiotica-kopen.com seeing. On the iconic Copacabana Beach, more than two million people gather at the world’s largest New Year’s Eve party. The celebration includes oceanfront stages for live music and dance performance and a colorful firework at midnight which complete the amazing scene.

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