Future in movie productions


written by Cigdem de Jongh


Computers play a huge part in our lives now and, while good ones gave us cute kittens and funny puppy videos, the “bad computers” are trying to steal our jobs. Not only are factory workers being replaced by automation, but soon robots will take the jobs of the IMEM students who want a future in movie productions.


Being a camera operator takes a steady hand and technical skills. While advances in camera technology make the camera operator’s work easier, the easiest and safest way has already been invented. Robotic arms have been an issue for auto- and factory workers for a while now, but Microsoft’s new Surface Studio commercial is filmed by a robotic arm holding the camera and handling all the camera movement. The emotionless robot is able to move the camera smoothly and repeatedly without getting tired. Every reshoot will be the same to the exact millimeter. The famous dinner scene from Back to the Future 2 was one of the first movies to use a similar technology to shoot a movie scene. The difference is that now, instead of using them to shoot scenes physically impossible to humans, they’re being used to shoot normale scenes as well.


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