Black mirror- fiction or reality?

Black Mirror, the series which makes us realize our future has a lot of advanced and also terrifying technology coming our way. The name of the series is inspired by the black screens we have around us nowadays and, the series itself, is holding up a mirror against us- showing what we’re lacking and how we’re advancing in everyday life.


One of the episodes of Black Mirror is ‘Be Right Back’. In this episode Martha loses her fiancé, Ash, which is why she makes an artificial version of him- first via a bot with who she can text and later, as a new human being. This episode is closer to reality then we think. The technology of creating a kind of robot who represents your passed loved one has been done in real life. After the death of her dearest friend, Eugenia Kuyda analysed all of their message through a generator at her artificial intelligence start-up. She created a bot with who she can talk as if it is Roman, her best friend.  He talks and responds like he did because of the analyzation of his behaviour in their thousands of texts.


But if you take a look at the other episodes of Black Mirror, it is kind of creepy to realize that the future they describe is closer than we think. Take a look at a random episode and decide for yourself if this feels like something you’ve experienced already, or if this future is still far away for you!

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