Borislav Dimitrov, 4th year IGAD student


Q1 Can you shortly summarize who you are?

Hi there! My name is Borislav Dimitrov. I am a 4th year student from Bulgaria and I am currently doing my final year at NHTV in IGAD. I love drinking rakia and watching Netflix in my underpants, while trying to contempt my life choices.


Q2 Where did you do your internship?

I am doing my internship as a Game Designer at a company called XS Software. It’s located in Bulgaria and its primary focus is creating Mobile Social Games.


Q3 How did the employees welcome you?

The people here are awesome. They are like a small family. They greet you in the kindest way possible. After the first two weeks, I felt like I was their son haha. Even though I’m an intern, they hold me responsible for a lot of work and depend on me in a high manner. I did not believe that I would receive such important tasks and it is highly motivational to be given a lot of work!


Q4 How was the transition from school to business?

I was surprised, how well prepared I was for this transition. The attitude I keep with my teachers at NHTV is sort of the same at the company. Serious people to work with, but even better people to go to a pub with.


Q5 Was it hard working with professionals as a student?

Not at all! People here are laidback. If you show that you know how to do your work and meet deadlines, they will give you much… much… more work, but they will reward you!


Q6 Who is the most interesting person you met during your internship?

My supervisor is cool. At XS, we can arrive to work from 8 till 11 in the morning. So, of course I would usually come to work at 11.

One afternoon my supervisor told me to come to work the next day at 8 A.M, so I did. I went to the building and I was literally, the first one to come to work. There was no one else and of course the guy arrives at 9 o’clock… at least he bought me food so I was happy. While I was waiting an hour for him, the CEO shows up in the room and starts talking to me and says how he really appreciates me working from early till dusk (I really don’t) and he promised me a bonus for Christmas.


Q7 What is the most interesting thing your learned?

I learned that business networking is very important. You need to create ties with important people in your company, as they might in some way help you in the future.


Q8 Were the assignments you did connected to what you learned at NHTV?

Yes, there were even some things I brought up, which people at the company didn’t even know about.


Q9 Do you have any tips for the upcoming interns?

I highly encourage interns to speak up with their co-workers/supervisors about any issue in the projects. Don’t believe that because you’re an intern, no one will take you serious. Just be prepared with a nice presentation with facts 🙂

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