This year is the 21st edition of Klûnen in Breda. Klûnen is officially a tour between 11 Friesche cities. During Klûnen 11 bars at the Grote Markt are in theme of one of these cities. Because Klûnen is so popular they also added 14 Friesche special places making it a total of 28 bars participating in Klûnen. You can buy a card and you get a stamp at the 11 official bars, if you collect all of them you can trade you card for a Klûnen medal. The card costs €5,- and almost all of the revenue is going to charity.


The entire day is the exact same sphere as with Carnaval, everybody is in costume and there is music and party everywhere. Only this day is already at the 21st of January. You can collect stamps for your card from 13:30 until 18:00. Afterwards there is a closing ceremony at the Grote Markt and the party continues in the bars the entire night. It is a really fun day because everybody dresses up and goes out for a drink, even though it isn’t really carnival yet! So for everybody who never participated in Carnaval this is the perfect trial. See you there!

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