Congrats! You have your degree… What now?

You’ve just finished your studies, but don’t want to jump right into the work environment. What do you do in the meantime? Don’t stress out, because we have a few ideas on what to do after your graduation.

Travel and explore the world

During your busy studies, exams and working on projects, chances are that you didn’t have enough time to plan and take a nice holiday. Now that you’re finished with all that, you have the perfect opportunity to travel anywhere you want. Grab your chance and go backpacking through Asia, or do your own version of eat, pray and love through Italy, India and Indonesia. Go where you have always dreamed of going, but didn’t have the time for.


Get a Master’s degree

Perhaps you are not the traveling kind. Don’t worry, there is always the option of broadening your knowledge by pursuing a master’s degree. At the NHTV, you have the possibility to pursue either a masters in Media Innovation or a masters in Game Technology. Not ready for a masters degree yet? You can always choose to study for a second bachelor’s degree in another field of study. Further studying is an investment in your own future. Following your heart is important, but don’t be afraid to follow your brain every now and then.


Volunteer and give back to the community

Volunteering is a great way to build your resume and it is always a good thing to give back to the community. Volunteering is a way of gaining experiences that will benefit you in the future as you will be able to use the skills you learn. The best way to boost your resume with volunteer work is by focusing on the work that compliments your acheter viagra obtained degree. Of course, you could also do volunteer work in a completely different field. In the end, your choice should be the one you feel comfortable taking. Worldwide Volunteering  is a wonderful web page that offers volunteering opportunities from all over the world.


Work experience that benefits you

Thinking about your future career is something that should not be forgotten amidst all the fun you’re having while traveling and volunteering. Work experience is perfect for you if you are amongst the few who want to gain the experience first before you are ready for a full time job.

You can accomplish this by finding an internship or apprenticeship. By having an internship or apprenticeship, you get the chance to polish your skills on a graduate level such as team working, communication skills or commercial awareness, amongst many other skills. Apart from polishing your skills, you get to differentiate yourself within the market, which is an important thing to keep in mind when competition is so intense. When doing your internship, you can also have the opportunity to turn it into a full time job. It doesn’t get better than that! If you’re having some trouble finding a placement do checkout Global Placement, as it is one of the web pages that offers placements worldwide. Do keep in mind that real work experience is a valuable asset when looking for future work.


By Sharona Hannoeman

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