Best hidden beaches in Europe

Wait.. what? It’s already almost July? Oh, yes it is! Summer is finally here and we couldn’t be happier about it. With just a few weeks of school left, the sunny days got us dreaming of wonderful beaches, crazy adventures and exciting summer nights. Just imagine yourself sipping cocktails on the beach while listening to the sound of the waves splashing around you. Seems pretty good to us right about now. So, now that we already have you thinking of beaches, we thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas with you about where to head off to this summer. Europe’s got plenty of wonderful places like Santorini, Ibiza, Amalfi and much more. But why not try to explore something a bit more interesting and unknown? If you’re in the mood for something adventurous, here is a list of some of the best hidden beaches in Europe – we are sure you’re gonna love every single one of them!

Voutoumi, Anti Paxos, Greece

Located on the island of Anti Paxos in Greece, Voutoumi is a true piece of paradise – with its turquoise-colored waters and white sands it will make you feel like you ended up in heaven. Now add in the relaxed Greek lifestyle, the beautiful architecture and the yummy Greek dishes – we’re sold!


Mónsul, Andalusia, Spain

Mónsul is just one of the many unspoilt beaches in the national park Cabo de Gata, which is located in the south of Spain. The most interesting thing about it is the wonderfully colourful cliffs that surround the beach and make it seem like a real life painting. Enjoying a sangria or two on Mónsul sounds like a pretty good summer plan, don’t you think?


Cavalaire-sur-Mer, France

Cavalaire-sur-Mer is a wonderful little city located in the south of France. If you want to have the whole Côte d’Azur experience but you’d rather stay away from the crowds – that’s the perfect place for you. Enjoy water sports, a beautiful beach and tasty French cuisine – Cavalaire-sur-Mer has it all!


Praia do Martinhal, Algarve, Portugal

If you’re looking for more than just a beach fun experience, you should definitely put Praia do Martinhal on your travel list. Located in the picturesque area of Algarve in Portugal, this is definitely a place you wouldn’t want to miss. When you get sick of laying on the beach, go explore the spectacular Costa Vicentina Natural Park, which is surely going to take your breath away with its beauty.


Cala Fuili, Sardinia, Italy

Just the fact that this beach is located in Italy assures us that we want to visit, but if you need more convincing – just think clear blue water, white sand and unlimited amounts of gelato. Cala Fuili is a perfect place for snorkeling and free cliff diving, so if these are some activities that strike your fancy – pack your bags and head to Sardinia.


By Vanessa Marinova

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