A deep dip into YouTube

Having a party tonight, but you are unsure of how to mix a mai-tai? Don’t you worry, just YouTube a step-by-step tutorial. Are you rather curious about a review for an upcoming movie or game? Why not subscribe to Chris Stuckman, Jeremy Jahns or any of the other online reviewers that are active on YouTube? Or are you deeply wondering what a cat with a party hat looks like whilst sitting on a Roomba, even then YouTube will provide you with the answer.  

With over 400 hours worth of videos being uploaded every minute, YouTube is an ever-expanding platform with a lot of useful videos. However, that is not what we will focus on here. In this article we dive deep into YouTube to tackle some of the hidden and rather unusual videos on the platform. Get ready for some weird shit.

Don’t hug me I am scared:   

“Let’s Get Creative”. I guess that’s the message that you take away from the video Don’t hug me I am scared. A video that starts off like any other kids show on tv; it has adorable characters, a happy song and even a positive message. However, what seems so adorable at first takes a rather dark turn, when the characters of the show really get creative. This creative session is somewhere right in between sesame street and nightmare on elm street.

GTA V highway Car explosion:

This video accurately depicts the story of GTA V if Michael Bay would have been the director at Rockstar Games. Enjoy five minutes of total Bayhem in Los Santos, through the eyes of an unexpecting gamer.  

Set me Free – Dillon Francis & Martin Garrix Music Video:

Besides his kick-ass DJ’ing skills, Dillon Francis is brilliantly hilarious and  a master of snapchat. I mean he has a pet piñata.. Called Gerald! A perfect introduction to Dillon Francis, would be his video clip “Set Me Free”, which he created in collaboration with DJ Martin Garrix. Perfect for any GIF enthusiast.  

Haven’t you done well?!

You probably know that feeling: you are eating out with a couple of friends and everyone orders a different dish, each looking even more delicious than the other. Well in Aunty Donna’s dining video the motto is “Sharing is caring” as all mates share bites of their nutritious meals. This video is indeed good in my ‘tum.  

Well, that is enough internet for today.

By Wouter van der Knaap

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