6 Things to cross off your bucket list this Summer

We all have them, a bucket list, things we want to do before we die. But what if we make a list for just this Summer? What are some things you should definitely make sure you do before returning to school in September?

Teach yourself how to surf

Surfing is seen as a really cool activity, however it can be a very difficult skill to master. Spend some time this Summer teaching yourself how to ride the waves.


Go on a road trip

Nothing feels as freeing as taking a car and hitting the open road with some of your closest friends. Plan a route ahead of time, or see where the roads take you. It is always a good idea to make some amazing memories, in places you would otherwise never visit. Does an entire road trip not fit into your budget? It is also nice to just go on a road trip for one day, to visit a new town you have not seen before.


Learn a new language

Summer break means you all of suddenly have a lot of free time on your hands. So why instead of partying and celebrating that time away, you invest that time into something useful, like for example learning a new language. If you are already going on holiday to Spain, why not make yourself familiar with the language? There is plenty of Youtube tutorials and apps out there that are more than willing to give you a (free) start.


Take a night swim

Swimming at night underneath the stars has something magical to it. If you want to be really daring and make your bucket list a bit more exciting, turn your nightly swimming adventures into skinny dipping.


Go to the beach and stay there from sunset till sunrise

Sunsets and sunrises have something magical about them. To see one day end and another begin can be something very inspiring and cleansing. Of course your time in between on the beach can be spend stargazing, enjoying a bonfire with your friends and watching the waves. All in all an entire night at the beach sounds like something that definitely belongs on everyone’s bucket list!


Ride a hot air balloon

It is Summer, which means the air is filled with hot air balloons again. After all, there are not much things more lovely than riding a hot air balloon on a nice Summer evening. How instead of appreciating their beauty from the ground, you get in one and enjoy all the beauty you get to see from up there. It will for sure be an experience you will never forget.


So how many will you be able to cross off of your bucket list, once Summer is over?

By Imke van der Sanden

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