5 fun things to do in the summer

Nothing to do during the summer vacation? Have no fear, Brewed magazine brings you 5 fun things you can do in the summer so you won’t get bored.

Water Balloon fight

Do we even need to say anything here? Summers can get pretty hot and sweaty and water balloons rock in general. So grab a bunch a bunch of friends, make some water balloons and have as much as you can.



If you want a more relaxed summer, you can always plan a picnic by yourself or enjoy with some friends. A nice summer day spent in the park will get rid of all the tension. So, don’t forget your blanket, picnic basket and good book to read.


Visit a Festival or Concert

Summers are perfect for getting into that festival vibe. Drinking, dancing and overall fun. What better way to spend the summer. You can even visit them alone and get to meet new people or with go with your friends. Check out the list of festivals here.



Don’t want to spend that much money in the summer and just want to stay home? Check out Pinterest or Youtube for some really creative and inexpensive DIY’s that you can do right from the comfort of your own home.



Are you more an active person? Sitting inside, locked up not really your thing? The solution for the that is simple. Go hiking! Hiking is a great way to release those active juices and get some movement. It’s healthy for the body and you get to explore some pretty new places.


By Sharona Hannoeman

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