The King will visit Tilburg this year!

Are you interested to see the royal family in real-life instead of on television? This is your chance! Tilburg is near to Breda. It’s just a 15-minute ride with the train! The royal family will arrive at the central station of Tilburg, then they will visit the following places: ‘Spoorzone’, the ‘Heuvel’ and they will end their journey at the ‘Piushaven’ where some Dutch celebrities from Tilburg will say goodbye to them with a lot of music. The well-known star from Tilburg, Guus Meeuwis, will be part of it as well.


Top 3 festivals

Some festivals you might be interested in visiting the 27th of April:

  1. This festival will be held in multiple places in the Netherlands. Of which Amsterdam is one of the most well-known options.
  1. 538 Koningsdag in Breda, which will take place on the Chasséveld. The following artists will be present: Dua Lipa, Lucas & Steve, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano.
    Next to the 538 festival, you can also visit other activities during the day. For example, in the morning you can see a special flag parade at the Dutch military academy. This parade is accessible for everyone if you bring you ID card. The doors will open between 9:00 and 9:30 am. The ceremony itself starts at 9:40. Afterwards you can visit a flea market in the Valkenberg park. There will also be live music and
  1. Het Kralingse Bos Festival Rotterdam. This is a festival with a mixture of house and techno music by national and international artists.


By Carlijn Peeters

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