This year our King, Willem Alexander, celebrates his 50th birthday at the 27th of April. In the Netherlands, this is always a day of celebration in every city. So, what kind of things are typical for Kingsday in our country?

What we all notice, is that most of the people are dressed in orange. But why do they do that? For the ones who don’t know it yet, we will explain it. The color orange comes from Willem van Oranje. This man played a very important role in the history of the Netherlands, since he leaded the war of independence against Spain. This color basically represents the Netherlands nowadays. We see the color for example in our national soccer team, at the Olympics and also at Kingsday.

Every year people start to collect some stuff in their house, which they will try to sell on Kingsday by sitting on a blanket with all their stuff around them. Also called the flea market. You can find them in almost every city on this day.

In most cities, you can also party! There are a lot of festivals through the Netherlands on the 27th of April, but you can also go to the city center and listen to live music. This will be provided by most cities nowadays. If you are interested in more information about the festivals you can visit this day or the activities you can do in Breda, keep updated! It will be posted on the 24th of April.


By Carlijn Peeters

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