Ah, the chocolate Easter eggs start to appear on the shelves on the supermarket. That means that Easter is right around the corner… Or at least somewhere between now and four months. For all of you who are as confused as the author are, the exact date of Easter is on the 16th and 17th of April in 2017!

So, what’s Easter all about again? Quick summary: according to the Christians, it’s the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For the non-believers, it consists out of chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies and the traditional annual brunch with the family (and mimosas. Many, many mimosas). Let’s discover some Easter traditions together!

One of the most popular Easter traditions of North-America is the White House Easter Egg Roll. The ones who have never heard of this, you are allowed to scratch your head and wonder what to expect during this event. Basically this tradition dates back to 1878 when children were allowed in Washington to ‘roll eggs’. Basically, the children have to push an egg through the lawn with a long spoon. We are not kidding. It became so popular that it was decided by Washington that the event would take place in the garden of the White House. It still occurs this day, but the event isn’t only focused on egg rolling, no. It also features live performances of bands, a yoga garden, cooking classes with famous chefs and courts where you can play basketball and tennis. The most fun event: the ‘Eggspress Yourself’ venue. You can decorate, dye and eat eggs. Oh come on, you have to love the Easter puns!

Europe holds down some quite interesting different types of easter traditions. One town in France, Haux, serves a giant omelette in their town square every year. It uses 4500 eggs, and up to a 1000 people can eat from it! Don’t forget to bring your fork if you’re in the neighborhood!  They say the tradition was born when Napoleon came to eat omelettes in the town and loved it so much he ordered the town to make a giant one for his army.
On the Greek island of Corfu you have to watch your head going out on Holy Saturday, as it’s tradition to throw out your old pottery from the window, so it shatters on the ground. Some say the “pot throwing” symbolizes the beginning of Spring. But we’re not sure how that would work…

We hope you’ve been surprised and amazed by the strange but fun things people can do as a tradition, and that you’ll get to eat plenty of chocolate eggs. Have an eggcellent Easter!


By: Naomi Melchers & Laura Hermans

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