Healthy Habits

After New Year’s Eve we all make promises to ourselves to stop smoking, start working out, eat healthier, et cetera. But did someone really succeed in doing this the whole year? We made a list for you with 10 healthy habits you can try this year, and who knows… maybe it helps to make your life a bit healthier!

  1. Keep on smiling!
    According to research, laughter offers us benefits on multiple levels: spiritual health, physical health, emotional health and intellectual health. We listed the most important benefits for you:
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Promotes healing
  • Solidifies friendships and makes people feel included
  • Reduces your stress level


  1. Music is the key to everything!
    Another way to reduce your stress level is listening to music.You can listen to happy music when you feel sad or stressed, which will definitely cheer you up. Or listen to your favs when traveling to a destination where you’re quite nervous for. You will notice that you will feel better than when you didn’t. Also, hospitals, airports and waiting rooms are using music for health-enhancing purposes.


  1. Don’t smoke cigarettes – and if you do, stop today!
    Research has shown that when you smoke on long-term you will lose about approximately 10 years of your life. But… when you stop before the age of 35, this risk will almost entirely vanish.


  1. Put your phone away for a sec!
    Look around you in the city center, at school or at work. Nowadays, everyone is attached to their smartphones. Most of us also scroll through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, or we are chatting on WhatsApp while we are lying in bed. This causes a lack of sleep, which you really need! Additionally, intensive use of social media can lead to depression and stress. So please, put your phone away when you spend time with loved ones and when you are going to bed. These messages will still be there the next morning as well.


  1. If you consider to follow a diet, cut down on sugar!
    Sugar can have negative influences on your health like diabetes or obesity, which both might lead to heart diseases. There are three easy ways to consume less sugar. Cut back on sugar by:
  1. Less sugared soft drinks
  2. No breakfast cereals with added sugar
  3. No added sugar to your meals


  1. Drink a glass of water before every dish!
    Drinking water in the first place is already a good thing to do, since we all need to drink more water. But if you drink a glass before you’re going to eat your lunch or dinner, you will already be a bit full. As a result, you will eat less!


  1. Exercise!
    You probably all know this: five days per week, 30 minutes of aerobic exercises. However, most of will complain that we don’t have time to do exercises every day. Well, this is not really a good excuse. Studies proved that going out for a short walk after dinner is more effective than a long exercise session.


  1. Drink alcohol!
    Most of us like to drink a beer or wine. Did you know that drinking in moderation brings a couple of health benefits with them? For example: lowered risks of stroke, heart disease and diabetes. But of course, drinking a lot of alcohol isn’t good for you, since it increases the risk of breast cancer.


  1. Just a lot of sex!
    Research has shown that sex is good for your health, since it can lower stress, boost your immunity and help you to get rid of your headache.


  1. Eat mindfully!
    Don’t snack if you’re not hungry. We know it’s hard, but it really helps. Mindless eating causes that you gain weight. Therefore, try not to eat while being stressed – either while being bored OR upset.

By Carlijn Peeters

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