Quiz Time!

Sooo, there we are again! We, Brewers, are glad you’ve survived carnival. We are even more glad you are willing to participate in this exciting quiz; full of useful and less useful questions which will test the characteristics that make you… you! All answers will be rewarded by either 10, 20 or 30 points. Once you’re done, you can calculate your final score and read what we discovered about you. Good luck!



1. If only one can stay, then which one would you pick?

A. Back to the Future

B. Star Wars

C. Lord of the Rings


2. You have €10 left. You are eager to spend it on:

A. Some crappy food from the local supermarket

B. Whatever Happy Hour offers

C. The newest movie in cinema

3. Who slept with the most women?

A. Jack Nicholson

B. Charlie Sheen

C. Hugh Hefner


4. Which activity burns the most calories?

A. 40 Minutes of shopping

B. Whipping your head back and forth to Willow Smith’s song „Whip my Hair” for at least an hour

C. Nervously running in circles for one hour because exams start tomorrow


5. What is special about the 29th of May?

A. Appreciate a Dragon Day

B. Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

C. Put a Pillow On the Fridge Day


6. Which is the most popular food Dutch people eat when they are drunk?

A. Kapsalon/Dürüm döner

B. Fried eggs

C. Pizza


7. What do you usually do when you have to work on tomorrow’s deadline?

A. Surround yourself with the books and sources that are necessary

B. Psssh. Already done, three days before the deadline

C. Procrastinate and watch Netflix


8. What is the hottest place on Earth?

A. Death Valley, USA

B. Aghajari, Iran

C. Timbuktu, Mali


9. Your chewing gum loses its taste, so you want to get rid of it. Where do you leave it?

A. You just swallow it

B. You stick it under the nearest table

C. You toss it in a random person’s bag


10. Imagine you’re Rose from the Titanic, realizing that there’s more than enough space on that piece of wood in order to save someone. Who would you save?

A. Geert Wilders

B. Usain Bolt

C. Johnny Depp




A. 20 points. Timeless movie which undoubtedly opened doors for the film industry and even technological development in real life!

B. 30 points. One should not even doubt the influence of Star Wars. A total galactic world, futuristic creatures and good and bad powers. We mean like… c’mon!

C. 10 points. No bad answer at all; this patriotic trilogy is one nobody may pass up on.



A. 10 points. Because you should take care of yourself, right?!

B. 30 points. Let’s face it. Happy Hour is life. Easy question, easy answer.

C. 20 points. Always good to keep up with the newest movie releases among with fresh popcorn!



A. 20 points. A ground-breaking actor he is, but also a women slayer. In a romantic way. With 2000 women. Yes. 2000.

B. 30 points. Not a big surprise! This mister has made love to 5000 women. Whoa, how can he still walk?!

C. 10 points. Although you might assume differently, Hugh only slept with around 1000 women. That gives him a third place ranking.



A. 10 points. 100 Calories, ladies and gents! No need to go to the gym anymore.

B. 20 points. You will burn up to 50 calories, depending on how crazy you go.

C. 30 points. 150+ Calories. Not that good for your mind, but great for your health… we guess.



A. B. 20 points. If you think people couldn’t be any weirder making up these kinds of days, you’re wrong. Appreciate a Dragon Day is on the 26th of January.

B. 10 points. This one sounds like an awfully good idea. Unfortunately this delicious day is on the 24th of January.

C. 30 points. Absolutely! How is this not beneficial? We mean, who doesn’t like their pillow covered in dust that’s been gathering on your fridge for two years?



A. 30 points. THE calorie bomb everyone is craving after 3 AM. One portion contains 2000 kcal, but that shouldn’t be a problem after a friday night out.

B. 10 points. This option is just fine when you are heading home after 6 AM, as it is already breakfast time.

C. 20 points. There’s nothing better than a warm after-shots slice of pepperoni pizza in the night.



A. 20 points. Ready for the battle, that’s the spirit!

B. 10 points. Being one of the few is admirable, but let’s face it, most of us aren’t.

C. 30 points. Don’t lie. You like it.



A. 30 points. Yep. Easily tops 50˚C during summer. Cra-zy.

B. 10 points. Right now there’s a subtle temperature of a bit above 20˚C, but during summer it quickly increases to 45˚C.

C. 20 points. Quite a continuous flow of 30-35˚C, mainly.



A. 20 points. You got skills, yo!

B. 10 points. Do people still do that in 2017?

C. 30 points. Well thought of you. That person may need it some day.



A. 20 points. Because we all would like the chance to ask Geert if that’s really his own-grown hair.

B. 30 points. Once you arrived at land, you at least have someone who will run the way back home with you on his back.

C. 10 points. You can blindly trust Johnny to make a ship appear somehow. But having the guarantee that he’s sober while guiding you? Nah-ah.


Final Score

100 – 160 points: Alrightey mate, you possess basic knowledge, but it’s not that everything you touch turns into gold yet. Except for that bottle of Goldstrike you’re still processing. Keep up with BREWED to gain more insights! 

170 – 230 points: Not bad at all! It seems that you actually did your homework and paid close attention. Now the path you must follow, Young Padawan. Let’s make this week great again!

240 – 300 points: Whoa, you savvy piece of greatness! We are thrilled to see so much brightness in such a developing spirit. Our experts say that you may highly likely get exposed in the NHTV Hall of Fame. Nobody can steal your shine. Pow!

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