The Southern Carnival Experience

Carnival has a different value to everyone in the Netherlands. Even though it originally is a catholic national feast, everyone has their own reasons to celebrate it. Could be fasting and dressing up, could be drinking and partying. Every city is another amazing experience. If you’re not familiar with Dutch carnival or just simply don’t know the real differences between carnival in different areas, you might find this interesting to decide which style fits you best.

Limburg: If you want to see some people that don’t care about good taste and national mottos, you should go to Maastricht. The streets will be filled with music from local artists and unrecognizable impressive dress-ups. Must see!

Noord-Brabant: Traditional clothing is common in Brabant. You’ll see complete costumes and self-made styles. Big parties and parades take place in Eindhoven, Tilburg, Breda and many more bigger cities. The smaller villages have their own local variations on this tradition.

There are many possibilities, and a lot of different cities to explore. You can celebrate this holiday as big or small as you want. Since carnival takes place at the end of February, we recommend you to take the weather in consideration before you enthusiastically buy a sexy police suit.

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