Top 10 Most Annoying Songs

We all know them. We all hate them. No one knows why the music producers thought that these songs would be amazing. The most awful thing: we always hear these songs when we can’t turn them off. Example: you’re in the grocery store and the queue is taking forever, but the only thing you want is pay for your energy drink and pasta and go home. But no. There it is. One of the next ten songs comes along. You sigh, roll your eyes and give the cashier a death glare. YOU CAN SCAN THE TOILET PAPER FASTER THAN THAT.

  1. Justin Bieber – Baby
    Come on. We left the Justin Bieber with a glossy bowl haircut about five years ago, it’s not necessary to relive those awful times. We have to admit, it was endearing to see a young Biebz sing about his first love, but not endearing enough to not cringe when we hear this song. To back this nomination up, according to Time Out magazine – it was voted as the worst song ever. EVER.
  2. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    ‘Hey I just met you.. and this is crazy’. Yes it is, Miss Jepsen, meeting people is insane. We call her a one-hit wonder, but she also had another hit – I Really Like You. Shocking fact: Tom Hanks and Justin Bieber (we kid you not) actually starred in the music video. Apparently they didn’t think it was too crazy to call her. God knows why.
  3. Willow Smith – Whip My Hair
    No. We already have to deal with Jaden Smith and his weird tweets and movies (two words: After Earth) and now there’s another Smith?! We get it hunny-bunny, you like to show off your pretty hair and make sure that we gaze in awe. What we don’t get is how the hell you don’t get a concussion with all that hair whipping going on. Headbangers are very curious about this technique.
  4. Aqua – Barbie Girl
    She’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Right, and she’s plastic and fantastic. Apparently this masterpiece is the worst song of the ‘90s. Understandable. Unfortunately, every time that we hear this song, we can’t help but hum ‘Come on Barbie, let’s go party.. Aah aah aaah yeah!’ Yes, you should feel dirty and embarrassed when this happens. Shame on you.
  5. Las Ketchup – The Ketchup Song
    Okay, so the last time that you heard this song was probably at your high school dance, when your classmate Frank tried to be a funny DJ. Frank failed. Part of the song is in Portuguese and you might love or hate the country, many of us can’t speak or understand the language. So basically, you just shouted ‘I SAY THE HEY HEY THE HEY, THE BOOGIE AND THE BLABLA’. Blame it on DJ Frank.
  1. Axel F – Crazy Frog
    No. No. How can this even be considered a song?! The chorus literally exists out of ‘A ring ding ding ding ding.’ Apparently Axel F knew what the general public would think of the song and named it ‘The Annoying Thing’. We suspect that a friend whispered some words of wisdom and he changed the name of the song. Thank you wise friend, because of this we despise frogs. Whether they are crazy or not.
  2. Rebecca Black – Friday
    MUTE BUTTON. WHERE IS THAT STUPID MUTE BUTTON. The radio station must have a sick sense of humor, why else would they play this song on Monday morning 09.48 AM. Don’t worry, according to YouTube two million – to make it more dramatic: – people dislike this song. The other 648.000 schmucks who liked this must have been drunk. Happy Monday y’all!
  3. Los del Rio – Macarena
    *Mumble something mumble mumble…* EEEY MACARENA! Oh come on, don’t pretend that you know the lyrics. Remember the awful, tacky wedding from the niece of the friend of your mother’s hairdresser? When you got way too drunk on cheap red wine – out of a box? When you had a questionable… eh, encounter with a waiter? To top it all off: in the morning you see that you got tagged in a video of Facebook. ‘Dancing’ (awkwardly putting your hands on your body) the Macarena while screaming that you need more wine. Yep, perfect ending.
  4. Europe – The Final Countdown
    Sorry, but we had to include this golden oldie. Well, we are not entirely sorry, because this song… no. Just hear the words ‘final countdown tududutudu..’ and you will be humming it all day long. Shitty thing to do though. If others hear it, it will get stuck in THEIR heads. Oh Europe… just stop screwing things up!
  1. Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out?
    WE HAVE NO IDEA OKAY. WE DON’T KNOW WHO LET YOUR DOGS OUT. If the police wants a criminal to confess, just repeat this song and the person in question will confess to anything. Just to be sure that no one forgets that the song is about dogs, the members literally bark ‘Who, who, who who.’ They bark. In a song. Case closed.

There you have it. The most annoying songs in history. Wait… do you hear that? It’s a bit vague, but it sounds like ALL THE SONGS YOU HAVE JUST READ. The author had to listen to every song on this list. So if I have to suffer, you all suffer. Have a marvelous day!

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  • March 7, 2017 at 13:41

    Dear Brewed Team,

    Fun article to read! And indeed the songs are in my head.

    Please note that a million has six zeros instead of nine zeros. (Under point 7, Rebecca Black – Friday).

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