24 Days Of Christmas – Top 10 Christmas Reminders

We all know that one thing, that one little sentence – or even word – that takes you right to the Christmas spirit. Even if it’s in the middle of summer. Okay, you might not need to be reminded of Christmas right now, because you hear/see it everywhere – but we’re still going to make a list and since you’re already reading this… Why don’t you just continue?


  1. Scrooge
    ‘’Bah. Humbug!’’ Said one of the most iconic and grumpy Christmas characters in the book ‘A Christmas Carol’. The story was so popular that Mr. Dickens himself read it approximately 127 times in one year. ONE YEAR. Talk about bragging much. The book has been adapted in to several films, opera, ballet, a Broadway musical and even a mime production. Pretty good job for a grumpy, old man… Scrooge that is.
  2. Christmas sweaters
    We all have one, admit it. It could be a genuine gift from your grandmother, or a friend who tries to give you something different and not the usual gift card. Whenever you look at it, you wonder who could even have the idea to create… this monstrosity. So the thought of just throwing the sweater away appears, but that’s – for some weird reason – impossible. Just swallow your pride and wear the sweater when your grandmother comes to visit. Yes you will.
  3. ‘Home alone’
    Imagine a cute, blond, little boy who holds his hands on his face and screams. home-aloneIf you did not read the title, I’m sure that you could picture Macaulay Culkin. Yes, the boy who got left home alone while his parents
    and siblings were heading towards the airport. The boy who tricks two robbers into believing that his house is filled with people. The boy who still is able to make sure that the movie is shown every Christmas on TV and cinemas. Bleh, why wouldn’t our parents just forget us at home. We so could have done the same thing.
  4. Pine trees
    . As soon as you see the words appear, you’ll remember the smell. It reminds you of the presents underneath the tree. The ornaments that dazzle in the lights and the cat that tries to catch the ornaments. The scream of your mother when she sees the cat. Such peaceful moments..
  5. Eggnog
    Okay, so this is more popular in the States than in Europe, but we all know it exists! The experts tell us that you should picture a drink that is a cross between a vanilla milkshake, whiskey and a pumpkin pie. That sounds.. interesting to us. Anyway, if you ever come across it, give it a go!
  6. Candy canes
    Legend has it that in 1670, Germany there was a choirmaster who wanted the kids in his church to be quiet. So the most obvious answer -to him- was to ask a candy maker to create sweet sticks for them. The crook on the top was added to make sure that the kids knew that it was a ‘religious’ type of candy, it was supposed to symbolize the shepherds who visited baby Jesus. Big thanks to the choirmaster for this delicious treat!
  7. Coca cola (commercials)coca-cola-truck
    Christmas hasn’t officially begun unless we have seen
    THE commercial on TV. The commercial features a big, red truck which brings happiness and joy (right, and a bottle of coke) to small-town people. Come on, it is nearly impossible to not feel a little emotional when you see the smiles on those faces!
  8. Gingerbread CookiesOkay, yes you can eat these cookies the entire year – but it’s never the same unless it’s Christmas time. Even if you don’t like them, you can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic when you see the little smile on their cookie face. You might even give us a little smile when you think about the gingerbread man in Shrek. Yes, the little and the big one. Smiling already?
  9. Mistletoe

    Sweaty palms, lump in your throat and all of the sudden you have lost the ability to speak. He or she is standing right there and finally you have the chance to do what you have been wanting to do since.. well since you laid your eyes on them. And you know exactly how to do it. In your right hand you are holding your ammo. A mistletoe. The perfect excuse. Now if you only remember how to move your legs, you can walk up to them and give the kiss of a life time!

  10. Mariah Carey
    Allll I want for Christmas issss.. How is it even possible that ever reading those words, the song is already stuck in your head? Damn you Mariah Carey, or well at least the writers of the song. It’s no problem to listen to the song a couple of times, it’s even cute. But after hearing it for the 34th time in one week, all YOU want for Christmas is to ban the song from every radio station, television show, every media outlet in the world even. Or you could just change the channel.
  11. Well, if you weren’t in the festive mood already, you most certainly are right now. Have a jolly Christmas!

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