24 Days of Christmas – Luxury Gifts

We all have people in our life that we want to go the extra step for Christmas. In these cases getting them a shower gel package or another trivial item won’t be enough, you will want to get them something really valuable with high quality. We have prepared a list of items, some of which you might find suitable for your loved ones. That is, of course, if you don’t mind giving a little (a lot) more extra money.


1. UD XX: 20 YEARS OF BEAUTY WITH AN EDGE vintage vault (295 euro)
This is a special one for all the makeup lovers out there who simply love to experiement with different shades. Including a whooping collection of original oldschool UD shades from it’s first collection, this gift will surely sweep it’s reciever off her feet. In the vault you will discover 10 Vice lipsticks, 12 nail polishes and 19 eyeshadows.
2. La Palina (150 dollars for a box of 20)
Following up with a present for all the guys (and some hardcore ladies). Your loved one can sit back on his armchair, light a cigar and relax with a glass of nice scotch or whiskey. What’s life gonna be like without the little joys?
3. Burbery Heritage Check Cashmere Scarf (435 euro)
A nice scarf always makes up for a good gift. Especially if it’s checked, warm and a 100% cashmere. This one by Burberry will make sure your loved one doesn’t catch a cold in style.

4. Era Choker in Rose Gold (140 euro)
Two of the biggest manias in recent years – rose gold and chokers, come together to make for a lovely jewelery piece. Perfect for a new year’s party or any other sophisticated event, really, your lady will be dazzled by this choker’s charm.

5. Holiday Gift Basket by Godiva (350 dollars)
This is it. This is the best one of all. Filled with ten premium chocolate products, by one of the leading Belgian chocolate company, this gift will warm it’s reciever’s heart any time of the year.

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