24 Days of Christmas – Ridiculous Christmas House Decorations

We’ve all seen the ridiculously over-the-top Christmas decorations in American movies and tv series – you know, the ones with all the lights, Santas, reindeer, snowflakes and all other items even remotely connected to Christmas. And while there are festivals (for example in Brooklyn or New Zealand) for decorating your home AS MUCH as possible, some people like to do it just for the sake of decoration. No awards required.



Often what makes for an eye-catching display is not your traditional Christmas gamma. These neon-purple lights, that illuminate reindeers, a baloon Santa, candy canes and toy trains, make for a dramatic and bold way for the unusual colors to stand out more.


While this house is still very over-the-top, it managed to keep it classic. The whole home, windows and yard are decorated with classic white lights and the residents decided to put an extra large star on top. The yard is covered in snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees and other favourite festive items, in order to uplift everyone’s Christmas spirit.


Instead of focusing the attention to baloons and decorations, these residents decided to highlight the usage of lights. The whole roof is covered in a layer of red electric lights, with icicles in a matching color, which are situated all around the house. While it looks fairly simple and relatively easy to do, this concept is surprisingly vibrant and may we even say stylish?


It might be small, but this home definitely makes up for it’s size in the sheer amount of extravagant decorations and lights it’s decorated with. Withough any consistency, this house is covered in bright, cheerful and most definitely holiday-inspired pieces. Size isn’t everything?

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