24 Days Of Christmas – Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wrapping Ideasgift-wrap

Okay, you have finally bought the presents that you were searching for, but now comes the maybe even more annoying part.. wrapping them. Some people really enjoy doing it, but for those who do not, we have some very fast and useful tips for you.

1. Get off the carper and use a hard and flat surface.

It may be more alluring to sit in front of the tv on your couch or the carper, but it will take you much longer to wrap everything nicely. For a cleaner look use a smooth surface and it will look nice, and it is much faster.

2. Scarf wrapping.scarf

If you do not have any gift wrapping paper or some tape, get out an scarf that you can miss. Wrap it around the present so it is all covered and either tie a knot, or use a safety clip to close it. It looks cosy and its effective!

3. Use an old sweater.

Usually the sleeves of sweaters are rather stretchy. Grab an old sweater and get out some scissors. Cutting out one line should do the trick for you to seal a small box.news-paper

4. If you want to go cheap, use a news paper.

It might be cheap, but it is rather cool. Using the news paper you read this morning makes sure you always have wrapping paper in your house. Spill on that extra coffee in order to make it even more unique and just a bit more special.


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