24 Days Of Christmas – Gifts Under 15 Euros

With Christmas right around the corner, you might be feeling a little pressed to quickly find presents for your loved ones. Of course, you want them to be cheap and practical and nice – a combination that isn’t always very optimal. We have some suggestions for some items, all under 15 euro, which we find will make for wonderful presents.

  1. Mugs

Mugs are always a really good gift idea, at least so I think. There are so much funny ones on the internet mugsand if you feel like it you might even customize one yourself to fit the person you’re giving it to better. Recently, mugs that change if a hot beverage is put in them, gained a lot of popularity. So you might want to chek them out as well.



  1. Booksdolphin

As a book lover, I can tell you that books have always made me immensely
happy. Even if the person you’re giving your gift to isnt much of a reader, there are so many unorthodox book choices nowadays in which you might interest him. The Oatmeal has some pretty funny books, go and check them out.



  1. Socks

Who would turn down a good old pair of socks in the cold, cold December? I know I wouldn’t. Same with the mugs, socks come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns…. you get it. You can check Amazon out or if you are not feeling like online shopping, your friendly neighbourood Primark always has some funny and affordable options.




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