24 Days Of Christmas – Decorating your Christmas Home

There are already less than 21 days left until Christmas and everything around us shows that. Especially all the decorations in the streets and stores, which are full of countless ideas for home decorations. Also, we feel as if we are in a way more festive mood if we have a nicely decorated house, all bright, warm and stunning. We are giving you some ideas what to choose in order to create a christmas atmosphere at home.

Christmas tree

indoor-treeA Christmas without a traditional Christmas tree would not be a Christmas at all, would it? Real or fake, green or co
lorful, decorated or not,
this very typical all around the globe decoration make us thinking for the moment on the 25th of December when in the early morning everyone will open their presents. For us as students, we can pick a small one and to transfer our boring rooms in very festive and more enjoyable place.


Does anyone remember the tradition we had with stockingsthe Christmas stockings when we were kids? It was amazing, I know and you can still do it this year as well, with all the family. There are many, many options for stockings. Bigger and smaller, simple and more colorful, but the most exiting is what you are going to put inside. Go and pick your favorite candies, jelly beans, chocolate, biscuits or anything you like and enjoy it with your younger brothers and sisters.

Candles candles

They just scream Christmas! In the last couple of years it became a huge tradition for the candles to be an irreplaceable part of the decorations. There are tons of different scents which will transfer you directly in the magic of this holiday. Very typical ones are winter spices or forests scents.


Nothing will be the same if you do not have at lightsleast couple pairs of Christmas lights.  They make everything to look different just by the bright they have. The atmosphere totally changes and make us happy like little kids. As you know there are different shapes and sizes of Christmas lights for different parts in the house.

Pillows and blankets

Everyone’s favorite part after finishing school is couchjust going directly into bed, all covered in cozy blankets and pillows with a cup of hot chocolate and a Christmas movie. Firstly, the pillows and blankets make you feel very warm and relaxed and secondly, they maintain your festive mood with all the patterns they have.

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