24 Days Of Christmas – Get yourself in the Christmasspirit

With only 3 days left until Christmas, we hope that you are already filled with excitement and your Christmas spirit is overflowing. If that isn’t the case however, there are still ways you can channel your inner festive self. Here are some of them.


  1. Blast some Christmas music


The quickest way to feel Christmassy is to blast Christmas music as loud as you can and you will soon after feel how your spirits are raised. You can check out out first article from 24 Days of Christmas, where you can find some good examples for holiday cheer songs.


  1. Make Christmas cookies


Or eggnog. Or anything other Christmassy, really. cookiesThe main point is that food, which is key in celebrating any holiday, will immediately make you feel eager for Santa. You can try one of our many listed recipes throughout 24 Days of Christmas, check the internet for something else you might have in mind, or go wild and make up your very own recipe.


  1. Hang up Christmas ornaments.


If you already did – hang more. Christmas ornaments and garlands can never be enough, as we showed you in our Ridiculous House Decorations article. You can put them everywhere – on the windows, on the door, in your porch, on your dog… just Christmatize everything you can get your hands on, that way when you look around and see all the Christmas themed items in your house there is no way that you’ll be feeling down anymore.


  1. Shop


Let’s face it, Christmas shopping is maybe the best part of the year. All the shops are decorated nicely and glitter in the lamps, people are generally kinder towards one another and smile more and there might even be some holiday discounts. Plus, you don’t need an excuse to buy that thing you wanted so much anymore – you can just say that it’s a gift from you to you or that it came from Santa.


  1. Give gifts


Giving gifts is the essence of Christmas. So take the time to do some light shopping, come up with nice ideas for your loved ones, pack the gifts up and put a nice personalized card inside. You will see that when the other person receives the gift, his or her face will light up and they will thank you, immediately making you feel better. Because what tops spreading love and positivity around, right?

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