24 Days of Christmas – Cake Pop ideas for Christmas

Besides all the presents we get, Christmas is directly related to food. Literally any kind. Puddings, pastries, turkey, chocolate and so on. Today you can find some inspiration for cake pops to prepare for your amazing Christmas party.

What you need to make a snowman, Christmas tree, Rudolph and a present shape:

500 gr sponge cake

Cup of milk chocolate

250 gr Cream icing

Cup of white chocolate

Cup of green candy melts

Blue fondant icing

4 cake pop sticks




Black icing

Gummy Lace

Jelly tot

1 oreo

1 orange candy


Edible silver balls

Edible eyes

Edible White glitter


Firstly, add a sponge cake into a bowl and break it with a wooden spoon as much as possible. The, add the icing and give in a good stir. Put some baking paper on the surface in take a little bit from the dough and mold the cake pops with your hands in as much round shape as possible. You can make them a big or small, whatever you like.  For the Christmas tree make a triangle shape and for the present, a square shape. Take your chocolate in put it in the microwave until it is completely melted. Take the sticks, put them firstly in the chocolate in the insert them in the bottom of the cake pop. For Rudolph, dip a round shape cake pop into the chocolate and put in onto the baking paper. Wait a little until it is set and then take one pretzel, break it into half and put it as ears. Take a pair of the edible eyes, put some black icing at the back of them and put them on the cake pop and a red jelly tot as a nose and that’s it.

For the Christmas tree cake pop you have to melt your green candy melts and the put the triangle shape into the mixture and on the baking paper afterwards. Add some silver balls on it and there is your Christmas tree cake pop.  For the present cake pop, rollout your blue icing and then cover the square shape with it. Instead of a real ribbon put some gummy lace and time them into a bird cute. Finally, for the snowman make a small triangle shape from the orange candy and put in as a nose. Put a liquorice on the oreo cookie and cover it with black icing for the perfect hat. After that, melt the white chocolate in the microwave and cover the round shape cake pop with it. Right after that cover it with glitter. Last but not least, put the nose on, two eyes and a mouth using the black icing. Put the hat and that is all.



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