NHTV mADE for Serious Request – What is pneumonia?

Dear Brewers,

As some of you might know, on the 18th of December, 3FM Serious Request starts in Breda. Brewed is involved in this event and will provide you, together with mADE TV and mADE Radio, with information about what is happening.

This year 3FM Serious Request is raising money to combat pneumonia, but what is it exactly?
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. It infects the air sacs and those then fill with fluid or even puss. For most healthy individuals with easy access to healthcare, pneumonia is not dangerous, but there are instances when pneumonia can be life threatening. It’s especially dangerous for children under the age of five, and for adults over the age of 65.

Pneumonia has a plethora of causes, but the most common are bacteria, fungi and viruses. The germs that cause pneumonia also live in the air we breathe but they normally don’t pose a problem. It’s when our immune system fails to protect us that we catch pneumonia. There is an increased risk of catching pneumonia if you’re a smoker, have a chronic (lung) disease or a weakened immune system.

The mild symptoms of pneumonia include a cough which may include phlegm, a mild fever, shaking chills and shortness of breath. When the pneumonia is more severe sharp stabbing chest pain, excessive sweating, a headache, diarrhea and even nausea to the point of vomiting may occur.

Pneumonia can easily be cured by taking antibiotics, unfortunately health care isn’t accessible to everyone, and this is why pneumonia is still the leading cause of death for children under the age of five worldwide, but more on that next week.

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