HORRORscope week

It is finally time for our HORRORscope! With Halloween around the corner, here are the HORRORscopes of all the zodiac signs…


Aries (Mar 21st – Apr 19th):

You are a total candy monster who will do anything to fix the sugar craving in his/her body. We know that you will wear the wildest costume possible so you can get the most candy.

Costume suggestions: A superhero costume will be perfect, or else, a very famous rock star outfit will do the job.

Your signature Halloween candy: mini Mars bars


Taurus (Apr 20th – May 20th):

The most important thing for you on Halloween is to look FANTASTIC even if this costs you an arm and a leg. Even the sweets you will be eating have to be of a high quality.

Costume suggestions: A very high-class vampire or a very classy prince or princess.

Signature Halloween candy: truffles


Gemini (May 21st – Jun 20th):

Usually, you celebrate Halloween crazily every year, although you are not sure what your costume will be until the very last moment.  However, it does not matter what you are going to choose because the eyes of everyone will be popping out of their heads.

Costume suggestions: A sexy cop or a gruesome animal

Signature Halloween candy: Bounties


Cancer (Jun 21st – Jul 22nd):

You are famous with giving out the best candy in the neighborhood and really getting into the spirit with decorating your house amazingly.

Costume suggestions: A witch, wizard, or angel

Signature Halloween candy: Mini peanut butter cups


Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22):

The most essential thing for you is to have the most unique and amazing costume. You always make sure to go from party to party and to be checked out by everybody.

Costume suggestions: A fairy, geisha or pirate

Signature Halloween candies: Skittles


Virgo (Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd):

Halloween is not exactly your favorite thing to celebrate and your costume is usually the simplest one or you do not have at all.
Costume suggestions: A scary mask or whatever you wore last year
Signature Halloween candy: Tootsie Pops


Libra (Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd):

You only like Halloween if there is someone very special to celebrate it with. You like a romantic scary evening together – no big parties or events for you.

Costume suggestions: Romeo and Juliet or Batman and Catwoman

Signature Halloween candy: Nerds


Scorpio (Oct 23rd – Nov 21st):

Halloween is your favorite holiday for scaring and shocking others. You like to bring out your alternate persona on Halloween – and have the night of your life.

Costume suggestions: A freaky monster or prince / princess of darkness.

Signature Halloween candy: Candy cigarettes



Sagittarius (Nov 22nd – Dec 21st):

You are the person who is the most excited for Halloween every year. It is the place where you can show to everyone what kind of taste you have. Namely, very futuristic and extravagant for the majority of people in fact, people are often asking: “What exactly are you?”

Costume suggestions: Anyone from Star Wars or the Matrix

Signature Halloween candy: Gummy eyeballs


Capricorn (Dec 22nd – Jan 19th):

A very typical thing for you is to show a completely different side of you to the others on Halloween.  Something they have never seen before. Very dark and mysterious kind of person. Usually, in your daily life you are looking more like a conservative kind of person, but on Halloween everyone has to watch out.

Costume suggestions: A stripper or naughty priest / nun

Signature Halloween candy: M&M’s


Aquarius (Jan 20th – Feb 18th):

You are one of the most confusing zodiac signs but it is not necessarily a bad thing. You are one of those people who know that Halloween is their time to be flirtatious, sexy and hot… You love looking like a devil even just for one night.

Costume suggestions: A sexy devil or a dark fairy

Signature Halloween candy: Anything spiked with booze


Pisces (Feb 19th – Mar 20th):

You are the person who very much respects the traditions related to Halloween and all the Halloween themes which support it. All the décor in your house consists of candied apples, carved pumpkins, and warm cider which makes you excited each year.

Costume suggestions: An evil sorceress / sorcerer or a renaissance pirate

Signature Halloween candy: Candy corn

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