Guilty Pleasures

Hey Brewers!

Admit it, you like to dance in your underwear when nobody’s home, or you secretly watch every episode of The Bachelor. Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Here are a few of the other NHTV’ers:

“Sometimes I eat frikandellen (Dutch snack) while playing battlefield.”
Martin (M), 23

“Every now and then I like to buy a cake which I then fully eat with my bare hands.”
Anonymous (M), 21

“When I’m alone, I walk up the stairs backwards. It has no purpose nor benefit, but it gives a lot of satisfaction.”
Nick (M), 22

“I like to feel textures. Walls, carpets, clothes and so on.”
Rein (M), 22

“I quickly turn off Netflix when my husband gets home because I don’t want him to know that sometimes I just like doing nothing in the house.”
Christine (F), 40

“When I walk home after going out, I like to sing songs out loud and climb onto street lanterns.”
Kirsten (F), 23

“I like to fart silently, after which I pretend that somebody else did it.”
Anonymous (M), 25

“I speak to my car. I ask whether the quality of the gasoline is okay, how the car is doing… that kind of stuff. Also, I give thanks after a ride.”
Joey (M), 25

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