10 April Fool’s Day Pranks To Get You Inspired

Today is April Fools’ day! Have you already been pranked, or maybe done some pranking yourself? Here are 10 April Fools’ Day pranks to get you inspired:

  1. Freeze your relatives’ or roommates’ morning cereal. Put a bowl of cereal and milk in the freezer overnight, then watch when they clank their spoon against the frozen milk.
  2. For those of you who have a car and carpool with a friend, co-worker or relative, place a piece of paper on the back of your car, asking others to honk, wave and yell your passenger’s name. Make sure to not tell them about the piece of paper, or the fact that it is April Fool’s Day, and watch them get more and more confused as strangers greet them.
  3. Make a screenshot of your relatives’ or friends’ iPad desk top. Set the photo as their background image and move all the apps to the next page. Watch them get confused and irritated when none of their apps seem to be working.
  4. Stick a helium balloon in the toilet and close the lid. When your relatives or roommates lift the lid, the balloon will float out and startle them.
  5. Get ahold of your relatives’ or roommates’ alarm clock. Set the alarm in the middle of the night and hide the clock somewhere in their room. Not only will they be woken up way too early, but they will also have to deal with the fact that they are not able to turn the noise off right away.
  6. Block the remote signal with a piece of tape, and watch people get confused when they try to turn on the television or change the channel.
  7. Switch the push and pull sign on a door, and watch people struggle when they try to open the door.
  8. Hard boil all the eggs in the carton and place them back in the refrigerator.
  9. Tape magnets to the bottom of a cup and put it on the roof of your car. Then drive around and watch people freak out over the cup that seems to have been left forgotten on the roof.
  10. Cut a bug out of a black piece of paper and tape it to the inside of a lamp, and watch people freak out over the fake bug.

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