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A few weeks ago we gave you a short introduction of mADE Radio. In this article we’ll provide you with some further insights in the different shows. From the morning show Toast with Herriaan, Roos and Marloes, the lunch show RATM with Freek, Jesper and Ian, the afternoon highlight of Cinemaholics with Maurits, Niels and Jeroen, to the day closer Bacon & Beans with Victor and Jeroen.


Toast is the morning show that will make your Tuesday a little bit less Tuesday.

When you wake up, you probably hate your morning as much as we do. BUT. Surprise, surprise Toast! Is here to make your morning better. With Herriaan and Roos as the hosts (yes that almost rhymes fluently) and Marloes our smoothie expert.  We are here to make your morning just as loving as your evening, with items, news and well a lot of fun.


For example you can win a breakfast! How great is that! Every week we need two participants to join our breakfast quiz, with three or four different question concerning that weeks’ item.

Not only can you win breakfast at our show, you can also learn more abo
ut the history of the world we now live in. WOW. Learn some and win some, what else do you want?

So tune in every Tuesday morning at 9, and we will make sure you will survive the day.

Kisses and some toast from us


RATM. If this abbreviation sounds familiar to you, you might like what we have to offer for you. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then let us help you out. RATM is a well-known abbreviation for the 90’s band Rage Against The Machine, who were classified as a ‘rap metal’ or ‘rap rock’ band. However, we’re not a band, we make radio.

Our show, Radio Against The Machine (see what we did there?), is based off of the concept of this 90’s rock/rap band. Our goal is to reach the alternative listener. We don’t cater to the fluffy, poppy, bubble gummy mainstream public. We focus on the hard hitting, classics and newer tracks, within two genres that have, unfairly, been neglected by the average consumer: rock and hip-hop. In essence we produce counter radio.

However it is more than that, because we also want to indulge ourselves, and of course the listener, with information about music, the mRATM2usic lovers we are. So, a fair share of our items reflect that desire. But wait, there is more! We also shed some light on internet memes, answer your questions (you can send them via Facebook or Instagram) and occasionally we invite a musical guest, to give us a live performance.

Radio Against The Machine is produced by Freek van der Kooij, Jesper Stegers and Ian van den Burg. You can listen to RATM during school weeks on Tuesdays, from 12 to 2 pm.


Cinemaholics, the tv-on-radio by Maurits Jacons, Jeroen Oomen and Niels van der Ven. The show is about all types movies, tv shows and other visual media. Except for printed media, of course, since the hosts aren’t able to read. With our awsomely cool hosts, the show will inform you about industry related news, the best movies and interesting features and in between our listeners will be treated the best movie songs, soundtracks and more!


Every week the show revolves around a different theme and the host will take you on an adventure through different worlds. Whether it’s the Oscars, a show based around video games or a child friendly hour? You are in for a threat!


But what is radio without music? Every week the hosts will make sure you will get your good quality melodic meal. The music is different every week. You will hear the soundtrack of your favourite movie or maybe the theme song of a certain television show.  Who doesn’t need his portion of Spongebob Squarepants every week? So are you ready kids?


Maurits Jacobs is 20 years old and loves seeing movies and watching shows due to a lack of social life.

Niels van der Ven is 20 years and is practically addicted to Netflix, he even goes to netflix anonimous once a week.

Jeroen Oomen is 22, and likes long walks on the beach and a good conversation over a fine glass of wine.

Now don’t you all forget to tune in on these 3 idiots every Tuesday from 2:00 PM till 3:00 PM.



Do you have a hangover? Did your entire day consist of boring lectures and tutorials and you feel like you want to kill the very first badger you encounter out of boredom? Then Bacon & Beans is the show for you!

This semi-comedy show is hosted by Victor Norbart and Jeroen Oomen and these two little juicy chaps will do anything to make the last agonising hours of your school day…less…agonising.B&B

This impromptu radio show is filled with funny sketches, impressions, hilarious games, full frontal male nudity and relaxing music to improve your day. Every show there will be a great recorded adventure that our hosts have experienced with guest appearance of the world’s biggest stars. Furthermore, you will experience lots of forgotten classic comedy that you probably haven’t heard of but will surely make you shit someone else’s pants from laughing.

So if you are looking for relaxation and comedy, listen to Bacon & Beans every Tuesday at 3 pm.


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