mADE Radio

NHTV’s own radio station

Radio has been a way to provide the newest music, latest news and fun quizzes for almost 100 years. Nowadays, almost every person listens to local or national radio. At NHTV we have our very own, radio station, which is made by students, for students. Just like any other radio station, mADE radio has fun items and the newest music.



mADE radio consists out of 13 people, with all their very own task. Every Tuesday morning you can enjoy one of their four radio shows. They start the day with Toast, a show hosted by Herriaan and Roos, with news at ten o’clock and the newest, relaxing hits to start your early morning. At lunch you will be listening to Radio Against the Machine with as hosts Ian and Freek and you will end your afternoon with Cinemaholics, which is about cinema news and tracks of the most known movies. At the end of the broadcasting day, Bacon and Beans, hosted by Victor, finishes the program with a mix of old and new music to turn up while you are still at school, or at home cooking.



Every show has a news update, as well as quizzes where you can win nice prizes. For example, toast has a quiz every morning in which you can win a breakfast, and who doesn’t like free food right? Everyone is able to participate in the quizzes and giveaways, so give it a try and you might win something cool! They are on 24/7 so you are always able to listen to the channel.




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