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In the Netherlands, the 5th of December is one of the most celebrated days. This day, Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday, which means all children get gifts. For our foreign readers, it is comparable to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sinterklaas passes by many houses to surprise children, along with his help, Black Pete. However, as we grow up, we learn that Sinterklaas is a Dutch fairytale, and the gifts are given by parents.

Students often celebrate Sinterklaas by making eachother a “surprise”, in which the gift is hidden. The surprise comes with a personal poem, which makes it an evening-filling activity.

Every year, a lot of students find it hard to come up with presents. So do we.

Here are 3 (last minute) gift ideas for Sinterklaas as well as Christmas:


#1 Student Essentials

As a student, you never have enough stuff in your room. January and February are the months in which most students decide to get a room for themselves. Apart from big furniture, little decorations are needed to make the room personal. What most students forget are little essentials that nobody thinks of, but are often needed.

For example, band-aids when cutting your fingers, or asperines for those sunday-morning hangovers.

A little EHBO (first-aid) kit is available for only 13,95 euro. provides us with a kit with all of the basic essentials. You can get it via this link, and if you order before 11:00 pm, it will be in the next day. Ideal for a last-minute gift.

Also, what is absolutely needed in every student room, is a bottle opener. There are a lot of different sorts of openers, but there is a site which has openers to suit everyone’s preferences. From bottle openers in Iphone cases, to openers in your ring and on the wall.



#2 Useless PhoneGadgets everyone wants

Everyone likes it; gadgets that look funny or which add something to your phone. For example an iPhone case that lits up, an looks very futuristic.

Or for our readers who love the retro-trend, we have a steampunk telephone which is a charger as well as a speaker for your iPhone.



#3 Going Out

Another gift idea is to go out for a day, but in a fun way. The Netherlands has a lot of sight-seeing tours that are available on different kinds of vehicles. You can go driving, by hiring oldtimers via

Or you can visit any city you like by Solex, a powered bicycle. Make sure you have a nice weather, because driving a Solex in the rain, is not as much fun as cruising along the shore with the sun on your head.

e-solex(1) Written by: Noortje Dillen


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