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In 1891, Gerard and Frederik Philips started with the fundamentals of light innovation in the city centre of Eindhoven. 124 Years later, their company is still honored by a festival named Glow in the lively streets of Eindhoven. This year, artists from all around the world showed their work from the 7th until the 14th of November. We loved it!

In this article we look back at this year’s edition, and what we think were the most impressive projects of this year.

The artworks differ from interactive art to big shows where people gather at a square. This year the Glow organization came up with a new concept; they made a lot of use of 3D, as well as an extended map with inside information on Glow projects.



Volunteers at the Catherina square.           

Glow consists out of volunteers. But how do they get the money, and permission to organize such big event in the middle of a big city like Eindhoven?

Glow is one of the festivals that is organized by the municipality of Eindhoven, as honor for the city and it’s innovation. Some aspects, like 3D glasses for optimal effects, have a little price of 1 euro. But, with a record of 730,000 visitors, the festival gets paid by itself and visitors that buy drinks and food along the walk.


 people playing with a light whirlabout.                                                                                  

Glow is made for all ages. The walk is about 6 kilometres long, but as the route is not set or closed, everyone can walk the way they prefer, and visit the projects they are interested in. As far as drinks and snacks go, all restaurants arranged a student-discount. For the elderly there are little places to rest at a campfire with a glass of Glühwein.


Glow for Kids involves children to participate in creative projects. “Bug Chandeliers”.            



people playing with light circle at the command of sound.           

Some projects are an interactive combination of visuals, sound and light. For example, big water-like circles appeared at the Mercado square, depending on the volume of your screaming. Even people in wheelchairs were able to be part of the project, as their wheelchair formed big, beautiful circles along with their voice.


One way mirrors sculpted to a ball, resulting in light flashing towards the people but the glass being opaque when the light is not hitting it.          


  IMG_1348The biggest project of all, at the tunes of the song “Brabant”by Guus meeuwis, a big light show was created at the town hall.  

(   v=YaIzl1Tz-so) 


light sculptures made by nettings.


elastics in neon colors lit up by black light.


waves made by the newest LED lights, reflected in water.


little light bulb show.


buildings on “stratumseind” lit up in different colors.

Written by: Noortje Dillen     



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